How It All Started

My Journey. Part 1.

On the 13th January 2017 I was on vacation in Bali with a very dear friend of mine Valissa. I will never forget this day, I was extremely sick and apparently I had the ‘Bali Belly’. We had planned to go out for a fine dinner as our stay was limited in that city. At the restaurant Valissa had a glass of dry red wine and I settled for a Coke Zero (Did not want to chance it ‘Bali Belly’). The wine and a bottle of coke arrived on the table with a glass filled with ice and this absolutely gorgeous piece of steel. That was when it all happened, that moment, the fireworks, the explosions, the rainbows, and the absolute bliss in my mind, indescribable. It had me utterly mesmerized.

I could not understand how and why we had not seen this straw before, we travel quite often and we eat out and love experiencing new restaurants yet we had never seen this amazing product. The straw was simple, classy and elegant. It made a world of sense to me. I pulled the straw out of the glass, held it up and looked at it with this huge silly grin on my face, I just could not believe my eyes. I asked Valissa ‘’Why have we not seen this anywhere!? And is it not just so gorgeous’’ She smiled and said ‘’I have no idea why and isn’t it just so gorgeous?’’ I then asked her ‘’Do you think I could bring these to SA’’ she responded ‘’I do not see why not”.

From that moment forth, this stainless steel straw was all I ever thought about, literally.

We arrived back in SA exhausted and with an extremely exhausted bank account. The ‘’Hanging on until Payday’’ mode kicked in. I took what I thought was a genius idea to a very good friend of ours, George who is now my business partner (God sent!!). I sat down with George, extremely excited and explained this amazing product to him and how I thought it would work great in his restaurant and how I believed that it was just ‘The Future’ (In My Mind). George was impressed and intrigued and after me selling this idea to him for almost 20 mins (me speaking and George listening) he calmly responded ‘’Sounds brilliant Megz, we can certainly do a trial run in the restaurant, so where are the samples?’’ I believe that this was my first lesson in business, carry samples of what you are promoting because people are going to want to see and touch!

All I want to do is share my story as my journey unfolds.

Thank you to all readers, I really hope you follow me on my journey and experience.

Part 2, ‘The Samples and Company Name Saga’ of My Story will follow soon. I would really appreciate any feedback, questions and comments. First time blogging.

Megan Johnson