The Environmental Aspect…

Just a brief bit on my ‘Environmental Journey’

Truth be told, before the 13th January 2017 I DID NOT have the slightest idea that single use plastic was harming our environmental, pre-January 2017 I used plastic straws as ‘normal’ when having cocktails and cold beverages. THIS WAS A TOTAL LACK OF EDUCATION AND AWARENESS. And I believe that this is still a major problem, in SA and all around the world and therefore so many people still use single use plastic anything. Some individuals literally do not care, as I was told by a particular lady at one of our events (as I tried to explain to her the importance of a steel straw and how we will not have any fish left in the ocean by 2050 if we continue with our usage of single use plastic) {because she just could not understand why on earth would we be selling steel straws, the lady was baffled, she looked at me like I was insane} she said ‘’My dear, I do not care about whether my grandchildren do not have or see fish, ever, I will be long dead, F*CK them’’ From that moment I knew, this was going to be hard work, like, real hard work. And for some crazy reason I was under this spell that every South African, if not all, most, would have seen what I saw. To my surprise, this journey is rather challenging. I still believe that everyone will see the light though. I do.

I am proud to say, that post January 2017 I never put another plastic straw to my lips ever again. And at first, for me, it was all about the beauty of the product, it was all about the ‘Trendy’, ‘Cool’, ‘Funky’ look I thought it had (and I still believe that it is one gorgeous piece of steel). However, now, now it is not solely about the beauty of the product, it is not only about the look, it is more about the actual seriousness of the problem at hand, it is all about the seriousness of the problem we are experiencing. Our Earth is suffering, Our Earth is seriously suffering, and we need to do something about it. We are all responsible.

Living a more sustainable life is not an easy route, it is not easy, neither is it cost effective, it is like living a healthy life (PLEASE NOTE, I SPEAK FOR MYSELF) but like everything else in life, it takes time and must be done gradually, one step at a time, one straw at a time, one plastic bag at a time, less sugar at a time, less carbs at a time, a bit more exercise (as often as possible), take the stairs (instead of the lift), every step counts, every bit counts.  I am not perfect, none of us are, but we can only TRY to do better. Make that effort, make that change, that small change, make that difference, that little difference, because every single bit counts, every little bit contributes, contributes to making Our Earth a better, safer place.